Thursday, January 8, 2009


by Michael Astera


I know there is a new world coming, and I know it is real. It is not the world of horror of the New World Order. It is a place of great peace, beauty, and abundance for all. I have walked the country lanes and seen the blue skies and talked to the happy people. It is real. It is coming. And it is no other world than the one we are on right now. Do not fear the Earth changes or the warmongers or the chaos. We need not let the dark and the evil destroy our beautiful home. The forces of darkness cannot access the love, the vision, or the powers that we can. Their path is the rot of decomposition, the path of de-evolution, the downward spiral of destruction. Their rot can only thrive where there has not been sweet fresh air and the light of the sun. They are not who Terra Earth is. They are not who we are. We are the gift of Creation. The powers of Creation belong to us. They are our birthright.

All have heard or read "As above, so below". Now hear the whole passage:

From the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus:

"As above so below for the performance of the miracles of the one thing."

This is how it is done. You wish to change what is happening here? Change it the same way our Creator brought forth the Universes: See it done. Feel it done. With breath and gentle focus, knowingness, and love. Know it is done. Hold the Earth in your loving hands; see her healed and perfect. In your mind, see her bathed in that ultraviolet light a little beyond what our human eyes can see, the blue light that cleans away harmful things. With your breath, gently blow away the veil of darkness that now shrouds her glory; see that darkness disappear into the void. Hold the vision of your own place in this new world that will be ours; see what a beautiful place she is. Let the love in your heart go out to her who has given you so much. Know it is so.

This present mess must fall apart because it is too broken to fix, but we get to decide what it will become. Let the broken useless harmful things fall apart. Let them fall, while holding joy and anticipation in your heart. Preserve what is worth preserving. We are those actors with the vision and the talent to stage the new performance. If you are feeling the pain of this world, then comfort her, see her vibrantly whole. Yes there will be chaos, but none of the grand cataclysmic destruction is needed. Out of the chaos will come our chance to create the New Earth. This is what we came here for.

"As above so below for the performance of the miracles of the one thing."

Love I You Greatly

It appears the greatest trick and most desperate ploy of those bent on destruction is to convince us that we are all just helpless animals in a cage, waiting for the next painful shock that we cannot avoid. That is what Gaza is all about, while the world stands by helplessly watching pure evil slaughter our fellow humans and laughing in our faces at our helplessness. That is what the fears of Earth changes and prophecies of doom and the financial collapse are at root: just another painful reminder to prove to us that we are helpless animals descended from apes. That is what the "evil sinner" lie is all about, and the threats of hellfire and damnation. That is what all of the suffering and the wars and the fear of atomic warfare are about and have been about, to keep us from finding out who we really are: That we have, within us all, that same divine spark, and that we can connect to and use the powers of creation for the betterment of all. We can change it all in the twinkling of an eye.

We need not beg the false gods they have set up. We need only to remember who we really are, and take back to ourselves the divine heritage and nature that is rightfully ours from our creation. The evil ones cannot access the power of creation. They cannot, for they are not creative. The powers of creation are not given to those who worship destruction.

We are divine beings incarnate in this human instrument; we are not helpless animals, and the evil ones know they are in big trouble if and when we figure that out.


nina said...

There was a brief period when we could whiz around the globe and do something about the creeping madness, but that's over now. Poverty and a dearth of broken parts (hearts) has frozen us into place insuring we won't see, but we still see. Evil has such sloppiness to it, they're not craftsmen, nothing like us - the detail squad - because it is the pure dark absence of love. We have many other things to do now, no sense gawking at the monsters, they ain't worth it. Never did any of us any good. In the attempt to cull, blind, maim and halt Movement of Jah People, they encourage the opposite of that intention which is articulated perfectly by you. Watchwords to live by. Thanks and praises my brother.
With love.

m_astera said...

Yes, they are forced to coerce, buy off, or hire out the detail squad. They don't have that kind of fine motor skills either, except maybe for pulling the wings off of flies. :)

m_astera said...

What I am doing is taking the focus away from what they want us to focus on, that we are helpless animals. No energy of mine goes into their fear anymore. All my energy goes toward healing the planet, creating a new world, and the only way that will happen is by changing the consciousness.

Some are afraid of giant tsunamis or comet impacts or volcanoes or financial collapse or atomic war or Jesus or whatever the fuck. All of those are precisely what THEY want our focus on. It's called the chicken little thing.

It can all change in the twinkling of an eye, once the tipping point is reached. It will not change by focusing on their fear tactics and distractions. Period. We all have to survive; we do not all have to buy into their fear consciousness and fuck the planetary consciousness up until it IS forced to blow.

nina said...

This is the true Enlightenment. Michael, I am curious, is this what came to you when you sat back and applied your fine mind that recent day? I wish our fellows could see it for what it is, most of the time they just can't help themselves from aiding and abetting, I wonder what it is exactly that allows some of us to get it? Its not as if we have cushions or failsafe networks, its something else.

m_astera said...

Yup, this is exactly what hit me that day that I said you would be among the first to hear. I didn't figure it out though, it was just lobbed into my consciousness like a soft grenade.

I'm getting some definite resistance to the idea. (which is good, probably) "So, I'm supposed to sit around in an viory tower? I care sbout these suffering people!" was one. Humanity has become addicted to feeding these demons.

I did hear back from a beloved friend I hadn't heard from in a long time. Here's what she said:

"I think you have written our Letter to Garcia.

I'll send this around, if it's all right with you. Breath, gentle focus, knowingness and love. Interesting armaments for the world's most powerful army."

That, and yours, are the kind of responses I was hoping for.

m_astera said...

I can feel the Earth crying today. I have been putting all of my energy toward comforting her, telling her how beautiful she is.

m_astera said...

From another email today:

how about focussing on Gaza? Can we picture her in the blue light? If we all
did it, would it help?

Yes, that is it exactly. I am doing the whole Earth. Every part
needs it, especially the places of suffering and concentrated evil
like Israel. You don't need to love the Gazans and you don't need to
hate the Israelis. Forget all that and love and heal the Earth there.
See it put right.

Note, also, that this is not a prayer. You are not asking anyone's
help or assistance. You are not begging for anyone to save these
people or this planet. This is coming from your own power. See it

It is magic. What I sent you is not a prayer, it is a magic spell
that you work with you own power. Hermes Tresmegistus was not a
priest or a savior; he was a, well, what is the word? A sorceror? A
Wizard? A magician? A Master.

This is about using your own power to heal the Earth. Gaza needs it badly.

Anonymous said...

I printed this one out Michael..and left copies of it here and there as I moved about the land----
Having a hard time going into mirrors lately--I still love Les and his writing, and he must do what he must do but the winds of my spirit are heading more in the direction of your words---I hope I get inspiration to contribute similarly--so easy to get off track at mirrors due to the crowds pressing forth--getting priced out of the neighborhood--

m_astera said...

Thanks, Jj. That's the idea behind the idea. Plant a seed. Drop a pebble into the smooth pond and watch the ripples. The question is "why?" and the answer that came to me is what I've been writing about here. Two simple parts:

1. They feed off our negative energy.

2. They can only continue to do so as long as we are convinced we are helpless.

As a friend wrote at another forum where I posted it "Quit feeding the fires they have lit to frighten us. When we stand in our own light it takes the fuel away from their fire and it will die out on its own".

Another truly wonderful line came from my friend Carmen: "I wish to live in a forest, so I will continue to plant trees."

And I'm pretty darn sure Les gets it too, he's just cogitatin' right now.

Anonymous said...

futureyes said--

i LOVE this asteram, it so resonates with me ...

it is a similar teaching i received in a dream last evening about all that is and all that is meant to be ...

that we must not "battle" the dark forces in this world, that is the old way of "doing", rather we must just "be" in our light, this is the new way ...
negativity feeds from our energy, always has, we must stop feeding it, we must stop fuelling it ...
it must be allowed to dissolve on its own, we must not use the tactics it has always used upon us, we must do this differently, we must allow it to die of its own accord, the same agendas it has placed upon us with so much suffering caused for so long ...

always we should be aware of its energy but we can do this by not entering its field and get pulled in, yet again, we must allow for distance between, this space is our love and our light, it will protect us as it guides us ...
the new energies now will facilitate this, they will assist us, if we can remain within our light we will experience this effortlessly ...

yes there will be chaos, yes there will be disturbance, and yet, if we know it to be temporary, purposeful even, that through this we will create our new world but that this is the initial step, to create it from new ways ... now, to start now ...

as it always has, negative forces create big threatening fires to frighten us, but we must stop adding fuel to these fires, in essence, conclude the old ways of doing what they do, it is all they know but we know differently now, they won't get that, they only know of destruction to manipulate and control, quite soon, when we don't give our energy to them so willingly, their fires will get smaller, they will decrease in size, it will not have the ability to continue on the way it has because it requires our good energy ... no energy, no fuel ... fire eventually extinguishes itself ... does it all on its own, we do not need to extinguish it, we must allow it to do so and then THAT will be the end of that chapter and finally, finally a new one can be written ...

it is a beautiful thing to simply allow for what no longer serves purpose in this world to dissolve and be done with it, to not have to battle it to the ground because then it is not done, its cycle is only complete when IT concludes it ...

i'm rambling ... this just resonated with me as the new way, to know and to be well aware of what is occuring around us BUT, the change lies within our ability to stand next to it in love and light, that is our power, we don't need to "do" anything, we just have to come to know that when we "be" who we are, who we REALLY are ... the change to a positive world then WILL manifest because we have created it within our hearts ... collectively ...

this is about knowing who we are and how we are meant to live, how we have always lived prior to the dark weighing the scales too heavily ...

this is about restructuring the balance of energy, that we can do this by just being in our light, and feeling, from our hearts ...

we are divine beings of love and when we KNOW this, nothing, NOTHING can stand higher ... no, not even the dark, as powerful as it "thinks" it is ... it cannot ...

this is not fluff, it is just universal law ...

way too much rambling, must be getting off topic here ...

know love, be love, live love ...
know we are all light ...
know WE are the change ...

m_astera said...

Test post

Psychegram said...

Thanks for this, m_astera. I really needed to read this today.

My thoughts have been trending in the same direction, lately. It's one thing to know all that bad stuff is happening; it's there, and it's not going to go away for a while. But if you fight it, one way or another, you inevitably add to it. Know it's there, negotiate your path through time around its events, and drive towards your own goals, which are inevitably of divine inspiration. It's Taoism all over again, in a way: in a time of much Yin, one must flow around it and cultivate the inner Yang, which is sure to burst forth again soon.

It's funny, because as I look around me, the people who are starting to prosper are the ones who have had their unveiling and awakening: they realize both the depth of our ... predicament, but have also glimpsed the One Power that is directing it all. Les' star is rising; people in my personal life who have largely disengaged with the Machine are seeing early successes; and through the internet one sees an ever-increasing number of stories of people who have dropped off the grid and are now living perfectly idyllic lifestyles as farmer-scientist-artists that engage their souls at every level. It's all still very preliminary, very fragile ... millions of seeds being planted, a few small shoots. But Nature has a way of protecting fragile things. From a few shoots might one day stand a towering old-growth rain forest.

Energy is key. It's what people do with their time that counts. I saw a story not too long ago that was projecting television to be a huge growth area in the times ahead: with everyone out of work and broke, the boob tube would be a cheap way to stay home and not spend money. That would be an example of exactly the wrong thing to do, in my opinion. Better off bioremediating your lawn, building a vegetable hothouse, installing a rain-water cistern and a biofiltering ecosystem, or doing yoga, or playing your guitar, or painting a mural on your wall, or ... you get the idea. Use your time creatively, using all of your human faculties. Stay engaged with that energetic center, and no matter what the world vomits up on your doorstep, you'll be able to clean it up.

m_astera said...

Glad you appreciated it, psychegram.

Interesting what you say about those you know who are living lives of abundance outside the machine. Being in the agriculture end of things I see a lot of that too. My friends in alternative agriculture all have a very upbeat attitude about this coming year, and that's not just because people will be doing more gardening and food-growing, it's more because we are excited about all of the cool progress we are making and all of the new ideas we are trying out and implementing. Biodynamic vineyards in Arkansas, soil biology renewing pastures on a dairy farm in Texas, a new organic garden and nursery center being run as a co-op in Washington. I even hear about it from Vietnam and Indonesia. Like you said, those who have embraced the new vision are beginning to prosper and excited about the future and that is where they are putting their energy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that I was writing about all of this a few years ago--but I didn't own it then--couldn't, or wouldn't quite get around it--I was trying too hard.
I can feel myself tearing down the walls around me (more so, it's just watching them melt)that I allowed to be put up, and sometimes helped put up--it's quite a view now-what was there has always been there--unchanging yet always in motion-it's like flying but always thinking you'll need an airplane--then you grow to where you say, hey, I can build my own pair of wings--and then you just laugh at it all because you don't even need a cliff to jump off of--you can just stand still and everything else will move around you--the sensation of flying--so to speak!!
VERY COOL that I have you folks to share in this with--we have come of age together without ever having physically having met--yet, I know you. It could be no other way.


nina said...

Delete this comment if you like, but this photo of the post adolescent is sublime. The hair. The willful face. The boy-man questioning life's back pages...

It goes perfectly with your post.

m_astera said...

nina, I'm taking that as a compliment. I still look like that inside somewhere. :)

And I do see the relevance; humanity is reaching the point of growing out of our childhood and it's going to require some attitude along the way.

m_astera said...


Ten years ago I read that the internet was to become a part of the planetary consciousness of humanity, rather all life on Earth, and that it would evolve to the point where it was individualized toward each of us personally. That same paper said that there was an already existing galactic version of it, and eventually humanity would connect with that too.

We are seeing the connections being made among us that could have been made in no other way, brother. Pre-internet, perhaps in a lifetime the universal intelligence could arrange things so we could meet a few of our connections through a chance visit to the laundromat. Things became much more difficult when separated by continents.

The internet is being/has been built by commercial and government entities to further their own interests, much as the railroads were built 150 years ago. Once built it, like the railroads, becomes a vehicle of the people.

That there is a higher and grander purpose to this vehicle of ours becomes more and more obvious. The internet is here to stay.

m_astera said...


We are talking about energy: energy as in electrical energy, physical energy, emotional energy.

You can probably think of people with whom you have had a conversation and walked away drained, and also people with whom you have talked and walked away energized and with a spring in you step. The same goes for films, plays, musical performances. Some energize you, some drain your energy. This is real; all of us have experienced this. In theater is is very common for the actors to project their energy to the audience, leaving the actors drained. And sometimes vice-versa.

Some humans are energy vampires, they suck emotional energy, life energy, from others. Others are, shall I say, energy donors, some of whom give away too much of their own life energy to others. And there are a happy few who know how to stimulate energy in those around them without losing their own.

There is another level to this, an unseen level. On this level the energy donors and the energy vampires are known by various terms such as good and evil spirits, angels and demons etc. These are ancient terms, but their equivalent is found in the lore of all of mankind throughout all of history. These concepts are routinely dismissed by "modern" science and society as superstition, but if they have no reality why are they known to all peoples through all of time, no matter how isolated or far-flung?

They are real all right.

Here is the basic concept: Entities that are invisible to us are capable of feeding off of our emotional energy. Call them what you will. These invisible energy vampires do not feed off of love, gratitude, or joy. Their food is grief, anger, fear, hate, despair. The more intense the "negative" emotion, the more food value it has for them. They are among us, they are not in some distant heaven or hell. They have the ability to influence thoughts, to put a thought or an idea into people's heads. They stimulate negative emotions in us because it is food for them. They also stimulate violence, greed, wars, hate and division because all of these provide food for them. Both the seething anger of the perpetrator and the fear and pain of the victim are food for them, as are guilt and shame and depression.

In times past they were much more a visible force in society. The Aztec practice of human sacrifice provides a good example. The pain and fear of the sacrificial victim provided food for them, as did the cruel exultation of the priest, as did the emotional reactions of the congregation watching the sacrifice. It's worth noting that the very life force itself of the sacrificial victim was and is their choicest and strongest food.

Certain humans are well aware of the vampires, or become aware of them, and are willing to work with them in order to obtain material reward: wealth, power, sex, social standing. This is what "selling one's soul to the devil" entails, making a bargain with these entities to provide them with food, negative emotional energy, in exchange for rewards on the physical plane.

One of the biggest feasts for these entities is the suffering and destruction of war. War is a banquet; they are fed not only by the suffering and life force of those who are injured and killed in war, but by the grieving and pain of those left bereaved. Note that those who start the wars on our physical plane also profit from them on the physical plane; that is their payoff from the vampires.

Today things are a little more sophisticated than in Aztec times or even a century ago. The media provide the main source of food for the vampires. Imagine a horror film, a darkened theater full of people completely engrossed in the film; now imagine that you could see the invisible entities that are there in that theater feeding off of the shock, fear and horror of the audience. The same can be said of films of heartbreak and loss and films of war. All induce strong negative emotions in the audience and provide food.

The present carnage in Gaza? Food for the vampires on a worldwide scale as we watch in horror and anger and hate and judgment.

That is the fundamental concept.

Take your emotional focus away from the show, and you cease to provide a source of food. Further, you can now consciously use that energy in a positive manner, by working to make a better world, by sending loving and healing energy to the Earth. It is all one energy, and it can be directed consciously toward creation, love and gratitude.

I have taken my energy away from them. I will no longer be manipulated by them as a source of food. My energy, all of it, is now mine to direct as I consciously choose.

nina said...

Do you think vampires can change into donors?

m_astera said...

I dunno, what do you think?

I'm not sure if that is a serious question or not. I'd hate to go off with some deeply considered opinion only to find out I was supposed to laugh.

nina said...

I would think by now you'd know my question is serious, mine usually are and I go to great lengths to show they are not when they are not.

Its my experience that they can change if they run into total resistance. No food, no needs met. It may be a ruse, over time we shall see about that. It also may be that they have the capacity to visualize the illigitimacy of their actions, but put up appearances for the sake of the greater evil. Or worse, they may have long ago spawned hybrids. If we were speaking scientifically, my question would be do their genes evolve towards a better product? And how is product in this case to be perceived? More efficient or strategic in hunting and gathering? I do think there are hybrids, but I would like you to give us your thoughts on it if you have time. Thanks.

m_astera said...

Let's forget the invisible and hyperdimensional part for a moment. Just in real life, have you known someone who stole your energy, by for instance, bugging you? Say they found something they could do that you really didn't like. Brothers and sisters can be good at that sort of thing, classmates too. They knew that if they did that thing it would bother you and you would hate it. So they did it for no other reason than to get your attention and irritate you. Things like this tend to irritate a person far more than would seem justified by the offense; the emotional response is disproportionate; you can find yourself either overreacting or drained emotionally.

One solution is to ignore them, refuse to give them a response. This may still drain you emotionally, but eventually they will give up because there is no payoff. Another solution is to simply [I]quit reacting[/I] internally, decide not to allow it to affect you anymore, and put your attention and energy elsewhere. You notice that they are doing "that thing" but so what? That's what they do and you have better things to focus on, better things to spend your energy on. In either case they will give it up, but in the second example you don't waste any time or energy waiting for them to get bored and quit.

What I am suggesting throughout this thread is that the actions of media and government are similar to those of the schoolyard bully or the little brother who scrapes his fork on his plate. They deliberately take your attention and energy. The more you refuse to react, the less power they have. When you get to the point of not just ignoring them but refusing to give them any attention and instead put your energy towards what you wish, then you are moving into creating what you wish and they are withering away from neglect.

This is a simple exoteric real-world example and any of us can see how effective it would be. Quit going into that store, get your friends to quit going there, and the store will close. These sort of actions alone would change our world profoundly, even if only a few percent of us made the change; the idea would grow and spread as people began to wonder why they were still slaves while their neighbor was free.

In our modern world the easiest way to stimulate a negative response is through the media. The mainstream media keeps the general public lulled with banal stories, while keeping up a constant undercurrent of threat from invisible terrorist enemies, financial problems, fear of crime etc. Polarizing political passions are another dependable distraction that can be counted on to drain people's time and energy. The masses, being largely hypnotized, aren't much of a threat to the status quo and are easily manipulated.

The progressive and alternative crowd is a little different. To a greater or lesser extent they are awake and aware and they care, often passionately. Potential threat there. So how are they kept under control? By providing a constant barrage of outrages, once again through the media. The constant undercurrent is one of fear of environmental collapse and the knowledge of corporate corruption. There are always timely and specific stimuli to anger and outrage as well: Daily, weekly, and monthly we are provided with a neverending stream of stories to stimulate negative emotions. Is it not so? Always another variation on that fork scraping the plate. Never any energy left over to do much when one is too busy being outraged, too busy reacting. And note that the reacting is always negative. The stimulus is designed to evoke a negative response.

So today, as an awake, progressive, freedom loving person who wouldn't waste his time on mainstream media I go to my favorite and trusted news sites, blogs, and forums. What do I see? Do I see any progress being made to solve the problems of the world? Not a chance. I see Gaza and am outraged. I read about GMO contamination of the food supply and small farmers committing suicide in India because Monsanto sold them lying seeds. I read that Obama is an empty suit who has sold us out. I read about the protests against Israel, thousands strong throughout the world while the governments do nothing. I read that the USA is bankrupt and has been looted by the international bankers under the guise of a bailout. I am angered at all of these things. I am sickened by some. I am horrified by bloody videos of mutilated children. How can I find the time and energy to actually do anything creative and progressive?

So we see on one level that my creative energies have been diverted into negativity, while at the same time I have provided a feast of negative emotion for our hypothetical parasites, leaving nothing left for me to create something better, We don't even need the emotional parasites in the picture to make the point: If all of the people's energy and emotion is caught up in fear and negative reaction, there is nothing left with which to create something better.

I am not saying to stop reading the news, or to stop being informed. I'm not saying not to care. What I am suggesting is to be pre-aware that one is being deliberately manipulated into wasting all of their energy on negative reactivity. Realize that that is a major purpose behind committing and publicizing the outrages. And quit giving your energy away. Pay attention to your emotions; when you feel a negative reaction coming forth, note it objectively, look at it and see if it serves any useful purpose to you. If not, what else could you do with that energy?

The beginning of this thread is a little magic spell titled "Onwards". It is designed to be powered by your own energy, however much or little of that you have. As noted earlier, it is not a prayer. You are not begging anyone for anything or asking for any help. It's just you and your own imagination, directing your own energy towards the dream of how you would like life to be. The suggestion is that you save up some of that energy that is presently being manipulated away from you and put it towards a positive vision of your own future, that of humanity, and of this beautiful planet that must love us because she still puts up with us.

Anonymous said...

What they don’t like is anyone who does not want to join the group—we are a nation and world of joiners looking for a leader, savior, or an easy purpose—always the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—talking head experts on every subject—gee, I must be wrong if the experts say that I am—happens every day in front of the TV or morning paper—quietly, personally—a thought never has a chance to germinate because of the constant onrush of shit that gets dumped on it—smothering it—god forbid we actually have a conversation with someone where an opinion is formed—to most of the world, an opinion might make you suspect—and these are, and will become, more paranoid times—go along to get along—and perhaps with good reason—whether it’s religion, politics, nations, sports, gender—that is where they want you to get your pre-packaged identity from—it’s the Truman Show mixed in with a little Mad Max---24/7—365

The bullshit is ending for the average person too. They don’t know what we know, but they do know that someone is pissing down their backs and telling them it’s raining regarding jobs and the economy—there is not a single person in this fucking cesspool who is not afraid of going into the office or factory tomorrow and finding their job not their any more—the mask is falling away and people don’t want to see the whore in the daylight.

I think that they know they are being lied to, they just can’t fuckin’ believe it is happening to them and don’t know where to turn—back to the Truman Show—

Sounds like a good time to start a war or chase some terrorists to get their minds off how sore their asshole is--

Total bewilderment for the entitlement crowd------

My opinion is that the real powers that be have such a lineage of inbreeding, isolation, and privilege from the rest of us that they can’t even conceive of what we see—they have no words to describe us like we, at this point with gaza, have no words --that have not lost their meaning-- to describe the Israeli’s and their co-conspirators here-- they have no regard for others and have no regard for life—it would be like being in the slaughterhouse business for generations and having grown rich from it and coming across an animal rights activist—don’t fuck with my business—

I refuse to fall victim to their wanting me to feel guilty about anything and everything that happens in the world—there is nothing I can physically do about it—as has been said though, I will not feed it.

I will, feed myself and the earth the sweetness that abounds—lose myself in those moments of wonder and abundance--

I remember talking with Juli and saying that if I had not seen a single news article since 911, would my life be any different? I can say it surely would be as I would not have contributed all of the negative energy and fear/dread that I did over those years—Would I have found the path that I am on now—No, and that is where today brings me—

Things outside of my control brought me to what is in my control--

If we continue to fight with conventional methods, we have learned nothing from history—but history is about this country or that, not about individuals and that is for a reason—other than the miraculous survival stories of certain groups ( fairy tails) what about the folks who were for all intents and purposes invisible—slipping through the darkness and light—in plain sight, yet not—not “survivors” but more non-participants in the drama?

I don’t know how to describe this sense that I am getting lately but it’s like being in the middle of a tornado where there is silence—we need to keep moving with the swirling power around us—but the power has no idea we are in the middle of it—that is as close as I can get to what it is I am trying to say---

Feel free to take it and run with it—


Anonymous said...

In answer to your question--maybe not an answer, but an opinion--

I just have a hunch that anyone can "see the light' when they realize they are being fed a constant diet of lies--either side so to speak--and so begins our journey(s)

We as gentiles may get ostracized but a vampire will not be let out alive by the other vampires--

No chinks in the armor--ever


m_astera said...
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m_astera said...

"Things outside of my control brought me to what is in my control"

Nice one Jj. I already memorized it I like it so much.

Like your vision of the still inside of the tornado too, and as you said we have to keep moving to stay at that still spot in the middle. I'm imagining walking along with a pinwheel on a stick in my hand, poking it off to the side every now and then to see if the wind is still blowing out there.

"Pissing down their backs and telling them it's raining." Har.

psychegram said...

I should've kept up with this thread ... better stuff here than there was in the post. I love you guys, I just wanted to you all to know ... if it wasn't for you, for your beautiful minds and your wonderful souls, if it wasn't for the connections I've made with you, the ideas we share here ... I think I'd go insane. Because sure as hell not many people in my physical proximity have ever even considered the threat posed by hyperdimensional pain-eating wraiths ... and on the odd occasion when I've brought it up (often in response to a 'well, then, who is this They you keep talking about?' sort of question), the reactions range from 'you're crazy' to the violently emotional. Whereas here the reactions are, 'right, so these energy vampires. how might they best be dealt with?' It's nice to correspond with a higher class of crazy than I find begging for change beside the downtown ATMs (^_-)

I'm not really being entirely fair. My sister, for instance, is Aware enough to calmly accept the suggestion that We're Not Alone. And Awareness certainly seems to be an important part of this, doesn't it? There are those who are caught the Big Lie and are Paying Attention, and with every passing day their awareness grows, just a bit it's true, but it grows nonetheless. Despite everything done to keep us sleeping, despite the propaganda and the 'education' and the social engineering, despite fluoride in the water and prozac and cell phone towers and HAARP, despite all of Their spite ... slowly (but more quickly every day) we awaken. What I'm trying to say is that there are those who are waking up, escaping from the prisons and the package deals that were crafted to hold us in place. Among those people, ultimately, no notion that was declared verboten by the 'experts' is really off limits any more. Conspiracy theories, fringe science, esoteric spirituality ... for us, it's all open to consideration. That it's not for so many others serves only to delineate the walls of their prisons.

Anonymous said...

psych: These same people who won't even look at what we talk about believe that a talking snake had a woman eat an apple and damned mankind for ever..and ever...and, as Thomas Paine says, "and the woman wasn't even surprised that the snake was talking to her"--I brought this up with a christian once and was answered with "well, maybe animals talked before the fall"-kind of a Dr. Doolittle thing I guess after all, there was a movie about it so it must be kinda true--and maybe if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle---If you have not yet, I would recommend that you read Age of Reason by Thomas Paine--it's a good one to ask people to read and he has his rep that some remember from writing Common Sense--Age of Reason was very instrumental in getting me down the rabbit hole--which is a good thing--you can find it at google it--
Thank you for sharing


Michael--I sent you an email--Susana over at easyidler would like to meet you--there is a link at Nina's place

m_astera said...

Jeeze, Jj. You are on a roll. I'm still laughing.

Just used your tornado analogy in another letter; really like that one.

I just got on line after dinking around with other stuff today. Found your email and will head over to susana's soon as I catch up.

Psychegram- Nice to see you back here again. You just discovered how weird we were getting here, eh? Thought you'd seen it on the first pass. Next up is paychopaths, they need love too (or something. Maybe it was rope?)

I have gotten amazingly positive reactions to this post and thread. Sent parts of it out to friends and told others to visit the blog and all reactions have been good. Even from people who I wouldn't expect to react that way, and those to whom this is the first inkling how weird I really am, they like it. Some initial resistance, we are after all habituated to feeding the vamps and our society says we are supposed to "care", but the explanation that one can still care yet not be food for the moon brings them around.

Anonymous said...

please encourage readers and friends to comment here so that we can all share--there is importance in that--


m_astera said...

I'll make a point of it Jj, but people are rather shy, at least at first. How many thousands read Smoking Mirrors to come up with a hundred comments?

m_astera said...

Nina's question:

"Do you think vampires can change into donors?

It's my experience that they can change if they run into total resistance. No food, no needs met. It may be a ruse, over time we shall see about that. It also may be that they have the capacity to visualize the illegitimacy of their actions....."

Psychopaths would be one category of vampire that plays a prominent role in our world.

If you have done any reading on psychopaths, you will know that it is not a mental disorder, it is more a species. Psychopathy is no more curable than being a wolverine or a shrike is curable. The species is so alien to the majority of humanity that we are largely unable to conceive of them. They appear human and can interbreed perfectly with humans, so we don't yet know if the difference is genetic. They have managed to hide their difference and even their existence until quite recently. The work of Hervey M. Cleckly, starting in the late 1940s, and more recently Andrew M. Lobaczewski, and Robert Hare have given us most of what we know about them. The more intelligent psychopaths are to be found at the highest levels of power which gives them great abilities to maintain their cover and even the knowledge of their existence. An example of their control is that the phenomenon is still not listed or described in the DSM IV standard diagnostic manual of mental disorders; the closest DSM IV comes is something called anti-social personality disorder which is thoroughly mixed up with a list of mental symptoms that have nothing to do with psychopathy. The fact that psychopathy is not listed in the DSM IV strongly indicates that there are psychopaths in positions of great influence in the mental health and psychiatric professions. Psychopaths know they are not human like the rest of us and that their only hope for survival is camouflage.

Recent work in brain imaging has shown some interesting differences in brain function. The most significant is that their brains do not appear to have a functional emotional center. In humans the amygdala and limbic system process emotions; in psychopaths that function seems to be performed in the intellectual centers, in the parts of the brain that humans use to process language. Rather than feeling an emotion and processing it through the amygdala, psychopaths analyze the emotion with the speech centers, looking for word associations in order to decide their most advantageous response to the human emotions that they have no capacity to feel themselves. They are cold and calculating, unfeeling, and without the ability to experience even the higher animal emotions such as affection and loyalty.

Another facet revealed by brain imaging is the psychopath's reaction to photos of extreme violence, tragedy, and gore. Whereas the higher centers of a human's brain tend to shut down when shown such things, those same areas in the psychopath's brain show increased activity indicating enhanced interest.

They are very much predators, and not only predators but predators that take pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering, which is why I compared them to shrikes and wolverines, animals well known for random senseless killing of other living things. To a psychopath, a human is at best a useful possession. They do not know loyalty, much less love or true affection; they only know personal advantage and what they want. Combine that with innate sadism and high intelligence and it creates one dangerous animal.

They have an incredible advantage over humans in a competitive situation as they have no compassion or conscience, and no compunction about using any tactics whatsoever in order to get what they desire. This leads to m_astera's corollary to the Peter Principle: In any hierarchy, the highest positions will eventually be filled by the most competent and ruthless psychopaths.

Psychopaths are definitely "vampires" , though whether or not they actually derive energy from the suffering of others is unknown at this point. In their case the answer would be no, they cannot change into "donors" or givers of emotional energy to others. They have nothing to give. They don't even experience fear the same way humans do, though they do know anger. It seems likely that psychopaths would make the best servants and enforcers for oppressive regimes in this 3-D plane and even more likely that they would be useful tools of the emotional vampires that are invisible to our eyes.

We have all interacted with those who drain our energy, and certainly not all of those would be psychopaths. Some are just "tiresome" people, to use an antique phrase. How much of the energy expended in the presence of tiresome people really goes to them as emotional food is anyone's guess, but it could probably be estimated by observing if they seem energized by interactions that leave others drained, or if they simply derive perverse pleasure from causing emotional distress. I see no reason that a normal non-psychopathic human could not learn compassion and do away with the practice of draining others should they make a conscious choice to do so. A religious conversion could initiate such a change.

In any case, whether dealing with human emotional vampires, tiresome people, or the invisible eaters of negative feelings, it's not so much a weapon that is needed as a shield. That shield is constant vigilance of one's own emotional state and reactions, and the conscious decisions not only not to feed the vampires, but to apply one's own emotional energy in a positive manner, deliberately using it to create a better world for their self and everyone else.

m_astera said...


I like your use of the word "wraith" to describe invisible predators of negative emotions. I'm adding it to my short list of other such terms: Banshee, Valkyrie, and Windigo.

These all seem to be a special category that is more openly interactive with humanity. There is some evidence that the Windigo, at least, is an egregore, a predatory grouping of discarnate "human" spirits.

psychegram said...

m_astera, your description of psychopathy is spot-on. I've been aware of the issue for a while myself, though until recently and as with most people I didn't fully consider the implications. I take it you're familiar with the work of Laura K-J and her Cassiopaeans? I give that fantastic woman full credit for opening my eyes to psychopathy, and to so much else.

Jj, I've never read Thomas Paine though of course I'm familiar with his work. I never would've guessed that he would've sent you down the rabbit hole ... I'll have to check him out.

Wendigos ... did you catch the bus beheading incident in the Canadian West, a few months back? Has all the markings of a wendigo possession.

I'd never heard of egregores before, though. Group mind thought-form entities are a very interesting concept, potentially quite useful in understanding the world we find ourselves in. I'm interested in your definitions of valkyrie and banshee, though. I mean, I know what they are - from a mythological standpoint - but what's your interpretation?

m_astera said...


Yes, I found out about psychopaths from reading Laura Knight-Jadczyk's work and went on to read from there. She did the world a great service publicizing that info. There was also a thread on psychopaths at the dear departed that went on for several hundred pages. They are a much more concise subject of interest than the generic Jews, Zionists, NWO, Illuminati focus. IMO, at the point where humanity can positively identify psychopaths and render them impotent we can start to make progress and not before.

The egregore term I think I first learned from Kyle Griffith's book War in Heaven, published in the late 1980s and available to read online last I checked. Worth looking up. The idea is that a powerful human "vampire" gathers followers while alive and accumulates enough energy to remain conscious after death on the infra-red plane, where he continues to draw energy from his earthly congregation. After death, members of the congregation are drawn to his "presence" on the infra red plane and join into a growing collection of discarnate consciousness that continues to feed off of the emotions of the incarnate. Griffith says egregores can become quite large but tend to "age" and become unfocused and senile. He postulates that the driving force behind the Aztec human sacrifice practice was the feeding of such an egregore, and that when the Spanish took over in Mexico the egregore lost its food supply and went looking for another, moving north and eventually feeding off of the isolated tribes of Canada and the northern US, the windigo or wendigo. It became a rather desperate creature and would psychically attack lone hunters, or possess them and drive them back to the village to commit atrocities.

I have read speculation that the God of the Levites variously known as Jehovah or Yahweh is just such an egregore, perhaps the same one as Baal. Postulating the reality of such an entity, the present actions of Israel start to make more sense. My own speculation is that there is significance behind the figure of six million Jews dying in some holocaust. That six million figure has been around at least since WWI. What I'm thinking is that this Levite egregore has calculated that if it can procure/obtain the life force from six million of its own earthly congregation at one time, the influx of energy would be enough to allow it to enslave and parasitize the whole planet. This could be a motive for bringing so many members of its congregation together in one place, Israel, and inciting enough hatred against them that they are indeed in danger of being "holocausted" en masse.

I just did a quick search for "Jewish population Israel" and the figure was 5,313,000. Hmmm.

Note that this whole egregore idea seems quite different from the demons/reptoids scenario.

The Valkyries, from what little I have read, were predators of souls that hung over battlefields in the Norse/Odinic myths. The Banshee of Ireland seems much the same as the Windigo, but I know little more about them than the word. I did read about that bus beheading in Canada, including the followup statements by the East Asian immigrant who did the deed, and it seems to be a clear-cut case of possession. OT a little, I'm wondering just how much fluoride-based drugs like Zooloft, Paxil, and Prozac work to facilitate this sort of possession.

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to see what it is, and what I see of you, that you allow me to see
I thought I would go over the line that doesn’t exist in my sand and describe a few of you.

—I saw you across a meadow one day—I was fixing a flat tire on the side of the road as the cars and trucks roared past on their way to nowhere-- sounds stopped and colors got a bit more vivid—my vision a little clearer--you were wearing a sun dress walking across a meadow in the distance—barefoot-- with children at your heals and running ahead of you—the light was a little brighter where you walked and moved ahead of you in anticipation of your being there—I couldn’t quite make out the details of your face, just your hair blowing in the breeze—the dress a dancing extension of your being--I could see the children’s faces as they looked up at you to share their joy in only the way a child’s smile, and giggle can—I knew it was you without having to be told—There were no paths leading to where you were yet the trail opened up before you and closed behind as if to say that this was only a place for the gentle of soul—I was mistaken in assuming you were the sun dress…you were the child giggling the loudest of them all----perhaps you were both, or all--

—I had heard the stories from older brothers of the man who lived alone in a cabin in the woods. The stories had been around for as long as anyone could remember—initiations in the clubs of youth—I double dog dare ya’-- going to the cabin and daring to look in the windows which were always too smudged somehow to see what the man looked like and what he was doing—There was the smoke that curled from the chimney in the winter time—that scent that only burning hard wood can make. It was too far back out of the way unless you had a whole day to venture there and back which I did one day.

I got close enough where I could run if I had to…and I was pretty fast. I could make out sounds that I had not heard before as I crept further toward the place. I was being quiet now and getting closer, my heart beating wildly as I got closer to the man with his back to me, sitting on a stump…a low scraping sound, a cocking of the head a little to this side, a little to that…..hands caressing whatever lay on the wooden table out of my vision. The head cocked a little differently, an ear to the wind….i could sense and see the smile lines on his face and hear his thought that someone had finally come, alone—another wanderer with respect for the things that a man makes with his hands.
He continued at his task with no hurry in his motions—this one required perfection—they all did.
We never spoke. As he stood, he reached for an old burlap bag that hung from a hook on the cabin wall—he lovingly placed his work in the bag and rolled it up—tying it with a strip of leather cord leaving it on the stump for the next part of it’s journey. I knew that I was to deliver it—but I didn’t know where—yet, I placed it gently in my backpack and headed off down the trail—a smile on my face, and an indescribable feeling of warmth in my heart—

I walked down the paths from here to there—none looking familiar to a boy who had run all over these woods—there were sounds and smells and colors never noticed before—a softness in the steps that were leaving no footprints---

I laid the bag and it’s contents on the ground at the very edge of the water that was beginning to freeze—getting sleepy-and backed away as if from an altar—the way people did in movies and I assume churches

A young girl, perhaps ten or eleven came out of the woods with purposeful yet soft steps—she almost appeared to glide over the ground as her attention and smile focused on the bag that was now at her feet. She took the bag and opened it, taking the wool hat from her head and transferred the contents of the bag to the hat. From there she walked over to berry bushes that at this time of year should not have been blooming—and then on to flowers in hues of yellow and blue, red and…and…the rainbow. She added one of these, two of those, her smile and eyes, connected, never wavering from her task.
Time seemed to slow somehow, yet I remained the same—maybe it sped up, maybe it did nothing—yet the girl had changed to a woman with the same smile yet something was different—she had a wisdom about here, a knowing—

She reached into the hat and pulled out what must have been 10 of the most beautiful small birds I had ever seen—at once I was by her side as she stood them each on their own rocks lining the shore—they were the most detailed carvings I had ever seen—each feather lighter and more fragile than the next—the eyes had such wisdom and the knowledge of the ages---the colors were beyond imagination—hues never seen by anyone but the two of us—magical colors that danced from wing to wing—feather to feather—yet, sadly, they were not alive and because of this I became sad yet was thrilled to have been there that day.

As we came to where the path went different ways we both looked back down the trail, where we had been and saw a woman in a sun dress with small children all about her—giggling in excitement and amazement at the little birds—ten of them that fluttered in a most amazing display of movement, color, and light—

We complete each other—for a time—within a time—

How Sweet!!


m_astera said...

Jj, I am honored to have your art on this blog. May the sunflowers turn to follow your light as you walk past.


Anonymous said...



m_astera said...

Joyous greetings to all on this most perfect and beautiful day.

The purpose of the last few posts I have made here is to illustrate various factors that may or do play a part in the challenge facing us. I have posited three different scenarios: That of the invisible demons/vampires, the psychopaths, and the egregore. I have put them out there for informative purposes. I am not arguing for the reality or primacy of any of them; in my view they all have significance but this is not the place to debate them. Do a web search for any of them and then spend some time reading about them as I have done and reach your own informed conclusions.

My purpose in posting this thread is to fulfill a part of the assignment I accepted when I read the Handbook for the New Paradigm. That assignment was to create new systems and ideas that worked and to get them out to the world; the analogy was getting the "Message to Garcia". Nothing stopped the messenger; the goal of getting the message to Garcia took precedence over all opposition and obstacles. We are in a much more dire situation today, with not just a battle or the future of a revolution at stake but the very survival of humanity and this beautiful planet that is our home.

The suggested "mantra" from the Handbook for the New Paradigm, "We are Humans becoming, help us to become" has not worked. It is an awkward phrase that does not resonate in today's social consciousness. One reason it does not resonate has been pointed out in this thread: Because we have become convinced that humans are merely animals descended from apes; that we are a plague and disease upon the Earth. One might as well say "We are diseased rats becoming, help us to become."

The uplifting original intent behind the idea of becoming could be better expressed by saying "We are Divine Creators becoming, help us to become" or "We are Gods becoming, help us to become". In any case, "humans" is a word with negative connotations in today's world and the phrase from the handbook is a non-starter.

Onwards takes a different approach. It is not a prayer or supplication for help. It is an acknowledgment of the individual power and access to the divine and the creative energies of the divine that each of us have as our birthright. It states clearly that those wishing to enslave and destroy us cannot access these powers and why they cannot: These energies can only be accessed and used by those in alignment with the ongoing evolution of creation.

In addition, the admonishment is given to take one's focus off of the distractions of fear and hate being promulgated by the governments, corporations, and media, to cease giving energy to them and to instead take that energy and apply it in one's life and one's focus toward creating a world that does work. Taking the energy that is now being wasted on negativity and applying it creatively and for the purpose of healing the planet and all life on it is an act in harmony with and directly in alignment with creative evolution. It is not fighting against the current or trying to dam the river or divert it into some stagnant swamp; it is using the power of that flowing river intelligently and with vision. How did Herakles succeed in cleaning the Augean stables?

Thirdly, Onwards is designed as a powerful tool of visualization. This is how healing is done on a person to person basis; it is also how creation is done on a planetary or galactic basis: You wish to change what is happening here? Change it the same way our Creator brought forth the Universes: See it done. Feel it done. With breath and gentle focus, knowingness, and love. Know it is done. What is knowingness? What is the significance of saying "I know there is a new world coming" as opposed to "I wish" or "I hope"? Do you hope the sun is going to rise tomorrow morning? Knowing is powerful. It also takes practice; Onwards is practice.

All things come from thought into form; that IS the process of creation whether it be an omelet or a universe: See it in your mind's eye as you would have it be, feel it in your heart, love your vision and look forward to it with joyous anticipation. If you are in alignment with Source that power is yours; that is what it is for; that is what you are here to do.

There are levels encoded into Onwards; it is not put out there to be a cute greeting card. The frequency of ultraviolet blue is above that of visible light, above that of the light body that serves as a template for this physical body; it takes precedence; it is a higher template that can directly affect the template of slower frequency. UV radiation is powerful enough, energetic enough to break the positive-negative bonds of materiality. There is a clue there for those willing to follow it up.

Take your power back. Take your focus off of the distractions and negativity of this world; quit giving them your energy. Know that you are greater than the would-be enslavers would have you believe. Take your divine creative power back and apply it to your own life, to your family, to your hopes and dreams for a better world and make it so. Not backwards, not sideways, not turning in endless circles of despair, lack, war, worry, suffering and fear. Onwards.

Anonymous said...

I see us as cosmic traveling minstrels Michael--traveling light on the waves of the net---
How cool is that!!


m_astera said...

That be cool, bro. I like it.

Planting our little viruses in the new planetary nervous system. We are fortunate to be here at the beginning; as the twig is bent and all that.

psychegram said...

I might be missing something, but isn't it equally possible that the Aztec egregore stayed more or less where it was? Feeding on pain, fear and blood as such an entity does, the massacres inflicted on the Mexican people by the conquistadors would have been a wonderful feast for it ... and afterwards, it would have had the colonial state to possess and suck off of. Though of course the Spaniards came already possessed by Yaweh....

Well, all of that's really neither here nor there ... historical speculation that changes nothing now, one way or another.

It seems pretty clear cut that Yaweh is a similar entity, given his appetite for burnt offerings. The Holocaust, though exaggerated, probably did happen, and was in the nature of a giant blood feast ... it makes far too much sense that Israel is currently being set up for an even greater repast. But then, isn't the Christian God and the Muslim God the same God? No wonder his followers are at each others' throats ... and leaving aside for the moment the possibility of 5,313,000 Jews incinerated in nuclear fire, let's not forget the Samson option which would see far greater numbers of Muslims similarly immolated. If I'm getting the concept of the egregore right, feeding it makes it bigger and hungrier. And if it consumes all?

Though of course it won't. I feel a bit dirty even talking about this, like I'm fear-mongering, and this in a comment to a post that's all about getting over the fear and redirecting that energy creatively. I wish I knew what to do along those lines ... though egotistically insisting on an 'I' that 'knows' what to do is probably the first mistake, isn't it?

Have you ever encountered the work of Charles Eisenstein? I think you'd enjoy it, though you already grok his message:

Michael, you're performing a fine service here. Thanks for this.

psychegram said...

Jj, have I ever told you how awesome you are? Every time I see an 'Anonymous' comment over at Mirrors, my heart quickens in anticipation, hoping for a few paragraphs of your poetry.

m_astera said...

Jj, I like troubadors even better as a descriptive. Don't recall the details, but the root consonants TRB are from Arabic and connote singing form the heart, singing the love of the Creator.

m_astera said...


Let's move the hacking the genetic mind discussion over here instead of Nina's.

RE the Aztec egregore I agree there was plenty of food left for it. I've always thought Catholicism fit well into the Aztec/mesoAmerican culture. What's not to like about a bleeding suffering God nailed to a cross? Griffith's book was just putting that out there as speculation and it stuck with me. Assuming the reality of the egregore, there were likely a number of them feeding in the area.
And likely in competition just as religions are today; so if YHVH came in and shoved them all aside they may have gone looking elsewhere.

Cannibalism was a big part of Aztec society too, apparently made necessary by chronic iron deficiency due to maize being the staple food. So the priests may have been the community butcher shop as well as the feeders of the "gods". Very interesting angle on the collapse of the Anasazi civilization around 1150 AD tied into this by a renegade archaeologist at

Many of the Indian tribes of the central US were into the pain as sacrifice thing, e.g. the Sun Dance. Still going on. Speculation is that the Hopi originated from those who refused the new religion of cannibalism, and the cannibal types ended up drifting South and became the Aztecs.

Not the place to get into it, but I've done years of homework on the so-called Jew holocaust of WWII. Didn't happen, period. Yes some died in the camps, but the census showed more Jews after WWII than before. The six million figure was around and the claim was made shortly after WWI as well; it just didn't fly that time. It actually only came into western society as so-called history in the 1970s.

I have no problem discussing these things with their negative connotations; it's good to have the information as long as one isn't feeding one's energy into that instead of creating a better world. And in my view it is much better to discuss these things with an awareness of the higher dimensional and esoteric connections than solely as matter-based history; they take on a deeper meaning and start to make sense.

We are in the final battle; it's good to know the enemy and their weapons and tactics. We will not prevail by wishing them love and light.

As to the I that knows, I took a brief look at the Eisenstein link you sent and will try to get back there. "We are all one" is as you see a viral mantra I'm looking at, but to me it is undeniable that we are individuals also, and on two levels.

There is the physical DNA genetic heredity part of humanity, its social history and collective conscious and unconscious, and then there is the incarnate soul aspect. The incarnate soul is not a part of the genetic mind; it is definitely an individual with free will, even though on a higher level all souls have the same source. The problem with most "I"s is that they are just constructs of the chemical brain immersed in social consciousness and have no lasting existence; viz. they fall apart as the brain becomes senile. Gurdjieff's introduction of the observer into western thought gave us the opportunity to create an objective I instead of the ephemeral social personality. This is a real I and one that can, according to G, survive death rather than being stripped and dumped back into the soup pot. If one would be preserved, one must be and have something worth preserving.

My other entry towards the pick a winning virus with which to infect the genetic mind sweepstakes is "abundance for all". Quite doable with the tech and knowledge of The New Agriculture.

m_astera said...
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Anonymous said...

Only we of like mind and spirit are one--then there are all the "other" "Ones"-- this is a planned deception--others do not think like us, act like us, or hope the same things we do--people are programmed to think that their politicians and religious leaders are "just like them" (only smarter and more enlightened) and will make the same decisions as us if the roles were reversed which we know is bullshit--it's the psychopath telling us that we are the problem-they excuse their behavior this way--they of course do what they do because we are incapable of rational thought--they, are men of action and we are children (sounds biblical, eh)who would be lost without them--the key in this is keeping the masses "lukewarm" so that they emanate no energy or thought that might tip the balance--Another way to look at it is that there are small groups on each end of the spectrum--us and them-and a huge gelatinous blob in the middle-that's why nothing changes--they feel they are right in what they are doing, as do we--
We are not one until we enter the same wavelengths and energy fields-clarity of thought if you will-and then, the few, not the many--so far anyway--
The balance lies in the bulk of humanity who have been dumbed down and made to feel worthless and so out of control that they have no hope and no capacity for rational and honest thought--
Only when that is achieved will the pendulum swing towards what we hope for--


m_astera said...

I hear you loud and clear, Jj.

My tendency is to exclude the psychopaths from humanity period, but if I do that does that not also exclude we on this end? Rather like excluding the mouth and the asshole from being part of the digestive tract. (they are both sphincters, after all).

I find the "we are one" concept easier to handle in the context of all life on Earth and that is probably the only rational application of it at present. I think the planet views organic life upon its surface as a whole, but humanity hasn't gotten the message yet.

You are familiar with the concept of the diva, a term used to describe a group soul? For instance the penguins or the oak trees could all have a group "mind" or soul, a common template so to speak. Something analogous to that is what I am talking about hacking, whatever form it might take for humanity.

I don't think it will take a majority of humans to wake up a bit and change in order to reach the tipping point. That's just a hunch, but it feels right. More like when lighting a fire one needn't get every piece to ignition temperature or even half of them, simply enough to sustain the combustion and it will spread to the rest. One log won't burn alone either, and getting a tiny corner of the fire going usually isn't enough unless the wood is very dry, which in the case of the mass of humanity isn't the case.

"We are one with all life on Earth" comes closer to being a workable hack, but it lacks cachet and lure. The mass reaction would be "that's nice. Next?" I really just threw it out there as an example of a truth.

What I'm really looking for is something with sex appeal, something that has some appeal to all, and a lot of appeal to enough to get the fire lit and going.

I think "abundance for all" has that potential but it raises too much doubt as to do-ability and requires too much explanation. Or maybe not. It's certainly better than the promise of capitalism, opulence for a few and for you too if you can achieve it, or the promise of communism, an equally drab share of whatever small pie is available.

Anonymous said...

Psych--Thank you for the kind words--geez, Michael called what I do "art" the other day, and you call it "poetry"--I'm going to get a big head here--Ok, it's gone now--thought I was going to have to buy new hats--I'm a hat freak--no baseball caps though--

I'm like a little kid who waits for your comments--it feeds me, and I hope in turn, me you.

We're on the right track here, there is an energy that is missing from most peoples lives--we are just not amazed by anything any more yet, I come in here and I'm hungry for whatever has been left for me to discover or share- --It's always great to have one of those ah-ha moments when certain dust particles come together and land on your head or heart that were swept off someone else's table sometimes thousands of miles away--
If light travels at the speed of light, or so we are told--think of the frequencies that are constantly connected and are there for us just to take a ride on, all the while staying in the same place-- and unlike us, thoughts and ideas never die, they are just there constantly swirling around us waiting, and hoping to be noticed just like us--yet like thoughts are only attracted by those who can see, touch, and smell them--and laugh and be in wonder with them--

How sweet it is!!


Anonymous said...

Instead of "hack", how about "influence"?---A refracting of the beam--


nina said...

How about "We Are Evolution", because that is what we are. Can anyone actually say there is one element on Earth not from Earth? Aside from materials samples brought here from space exploration, and aside from Martian seeding, a concept which when thrown into the mix has the potential to change everything.

We and all Earthly matter are in a continuous state of recyling. Death is life, life is death, and all the stages inbetween, one feeds and supports the next, no beginning, no end, circles, cyles, seasons, the Serpent, the spiral, your radiating Yin Yang. The Living Planet is the Evolutionary Planet.
Its not possible we are the only Evolutionary planet.

BTW, the morning moon is a perfect Yin Yang. Does everyone else just know this and I missed it before?

m_astera said...

I have never seen the moon appear as a yin-yang. Full and crescent but not with a curved terminator. Hmmm. What's up?

Yesterday I drew out a larger (4") two-coil spiral on some tropical hardwood with the yin-yang laid out in the center. It's about half carved and looks like a spiral galaxy at this point, with the arms tapering off into points. It also gives the impression of expanding outwards and contracting inwards at the same time. I'll post a pic when it's done, should it turn out presentable.

All of the ancient texts and wisdom say the answers lie within. Which direction is within? Don't things get smaller in there?

How could we be the only evolutionary planet in an evolving galaxy and universe? We are not. And right now planetary evolution is making its next big jump. The bus is pulling away from the curb whether humanity decides to come along or not. We won't be evolution much longer if we miss this bus.

I have read that there is a constant infall of space dust onto the surface of the Earth, quite a large amount worldwide. Life didn't happen by accident in some primordial soup. This is a conscious universe and a conscious creation; the combination of the evolutionary thrust of creation and deliberate intervention seems the only sensible explanation to me.

nina said...

That is a funny thing about scale, to imagine going within as a boundary. Its a very egoish idea, small as less. Small is only small when scaled to the human body.

I want to see this carving, in-progress is healthy. It sounds exciting.

Anonymous said...

Do we make the mistake in assuming that there needs to be another "planet" in order for their to be life elsewhere? We assume life would need to be similar to us in order for it to be classified as "life"--that it would need what we need to become, and to survive--
It reminds me of when the dogs or cats are "looking" at something that I can't see but know is there somehow--we tend to think at these times that it is a formerly "human" spirit, but is it?
Perhaps what I am getting at is that we are way too hung up on form--our being or spirit is not what vessel it decides to be in- the spirit existed before and will exist after the current form----what is the force that holds together "things" in the shapes we perceive them to be in--even in a solid rock, there is more open space between the electrons and neutrons, etc. than there is what we call solid matter--what holds it together?
What "form" is an idea or a thought--what shape is it--it doesn't need food, doesn't need oxygen but it is very much "alive" - does it need to "breed" between us in order for it to have it's form as a complete thought-if there is such a thing-perhaps it gets added to along the way and changes "shape"--and gains power and momentum although there is no shape and perhaps no artists eye to imagine it other than in the forms it takes on as it either grows or deflates from lack of energy-how fast is thought?
How much does a thought or idea weigh--what does it look like--how large is your spirit--how much does the consciousness that holds everything together weigh? How big or small is it----
Would you be you if you were slightly taller or shorter--male or female?
Are you, you, no matter where you live---if you're swimming in water or if you are on the land--if you are 20 or 30 or 90?
You are "you" no matter what age, race, color, job----let go of form--


m_astera said...


The carving is a disaster. The wood won't do it, won't carve with the grain. No matter how careful I am it splits and chips out, breaks off etc. Wrong material. Maybe I'll go back to pine and just use a bigger piece. It is a cool design.

If I lived where Jj lives I could just go out to the woods and cut a linden tree and saw it up. Linden is the finest carving wood on the planet.

That joke about going within is actually pretty serious. Within soon starts resembling one of those Hindu paintings of the gods with a hundred heads and two hundred arms. Scale gets very strange too. If within is where the answers lie, then within must somehow be larger than without. Or something.

Imagine standing on the Earth, closing your eyes and going within to find yourself standing in space, much larger than the Earth, while the body is still standing on the Earth with your consciousness focused within. It quickly becomes multidimensional with multiple points of awareness and it's hard telling which is which and which is imaginary. One is simultaneously inside and outside and inside......

I'm sure that made no sense at all but it's the best I can do.

m_astera said...

Like one of those Hindu gods combined with a Russian doll that has another doll inside and so on...

m_astera said...


This is why I'm using the word "hack": I'm referring to the genetic mind, the collective consciousness that goes back through the history of mankind and up to the present, the one with the archetypes and the Old Gods and demons and everything from every society ever. And I'm using the analogy of a computer memory and operating system, a modern analogy but one that is probably as accurate as any.

The present operating system is OK, I would imagine, if a bit outmoded. And I see no sense in messing with the memory, that is important stuff in the files. But a corrupt program has taken over, or perhaps the OS has been corrupted somehow, so that what is being run is a pornographic snuff film over and over and over. This is not an accident, it has been infected and hijacked to serve a purpose that does not benefit humanity.

As Psychegram pointed out, the media is constantly inputting more of the same garbage, overwhelming any attempt to fix any problems or even get anythng useful done. The media is worldwide, and it has the identical agenda here in Venezuela as it does in Ohio or in London. Or China for that matter. GIGO.

Those of us aware of the problem have no access to the media, and most of us lack the skills and resources to change the data input even if we had access. We are locked out. No password and all that. And at the same time we are constantly struggling against the bombardment that we ourselves are receiving, and helplessly watching it corrupt our children, our families, our friends.

As we are denied access, the only way to make the major and rapid changes needed is to hack the system, figure out the password, find the command subsystem and make some unauthorized changes that will be sufficient to get the system working properly again. Perhaps working properly for the first time. And this needs to be done yesterday.

The idea of hacking the database of a corrupted and evil system has a certain revolutionary appeal to a certain type of person as well.

The modes of attack I am envisioning are two:

A. Implant a catchy virus in the minds of the population, something inspiring, fun, worth working towards and anticipating with pleasure. This would be some simple goal or vision that sounds like way more fun than the present garbage, as well as being the sort of "tune" that gets stuck in one's head.

B. Putting together a crew of skilled, impeccable, and incorruptible techs to hack the system directly.

I'm sure that A is doable if we can hit the right combination, the right tune and vision. No reason we couldn't use the same NLP, hypnotic, and propaganda techniques that are presently being used against us.

I don't know that B has ever been tried in such a manner or if it is even possible, but it seems possible to me. There are plenty of good people praying for peace, groups meeting and meditating for peace, public demonstrations with thousands of participants calling for change. All of these are probably helping, but not making much progress in my view.

What could be accomplished with a crack team of skilled operators in consciousness with a specific goal and agenda? What sort of qualifications would they need?

What sort of catchy "viral" tune or slogan would appeal to the most people and inspire them to want this change?

The floor is open for discussion and suggestions. :)

Anonymous said...

Back in olden days, the key was to keep the "public" illiterate--couldn't read, couldn't write--throw in some stories of the monster in the castle to keep them from storming it--maybe the medicine men or witchdoctors came up with the idea first that if they could scare the shit out of the rest of the group and make them think that the only thing between them and painful death was him-great job security and you didn't have to work 7 days a week-well, you get the picture--now, the deal is that you have to have an Ivy league education and initials after your name and then you too can scare the population into thinking that you have the brains to keep everything afloat.
Heck, maybe keep everything in latin or Aramaic--we will translate gods will for you because we have been chosen to--sound familiar==then came the printing press and the education system--must have caused some nervous moments for the powers on high until they figured out that if the printing press was here to stay, they would just control more of the printing presses if not all--they had the money so their brochures and club med brochures looked more respectable and were therefore more "real"--education system teaching people to read and write, no problem--we will just control what they read and write--no critical thought allowed--just regurgitate the answers and dates and we will call you smart--question the rules and you fail or go on prozak--
This will get very ugly when a bunch of dismayed unemployed hungry people realize that there is no free lunch around the corner--there will of course have to be a new scapegoat for the PTB to put forward for the "people" to take their frustrations out on--terrorist has kinda worn off for most people and the PTB sure do want to vent all that anger so it doesn't backlash on them--oops, wait, jesus changed his name to barak and is here in the flesh--there is a new storm brewing to take peoples minds off how sore their assholes are and it will have to be pretty big because those are some sore butts--should be interesting to see how quickly cops are getting shot, people are getting robbed etc, and curfews set, etc. not far from there to see martial law---anyone offering a new slogan will be turned in and hung high--these times are only going to get more vicious--I say these things as an observer only and applaud your thinking on the matter---I just wonder if it's too late---again---they couldn't stop this or that, so they control it--keep the masses doped up, drunk, porn-ed out, in fear of losing their job tomorrow--kinda hard for most folks to be open to many things but despair and violence either as the victim, or the perpetrator. I am keeping my wits about me and keeping from attaching myself to anything but what is right in front of me now--not an hour from now, not what is happening in the next county or country because all it does is keep me from being grateful in this moment which is all i will ever have--this moment--
Kinda went off point there but thats what came across the keyboard--ps--this is an observation of society as a whole and not some individuals--there will be much contentment and meaning to some lives--there will be an oasis here and there--


nina said...

Hey, made perfect sense to me. You did very well!

psychegram said...

Oy, you go away for a couple of days and the conversation just rockets ahead without you! You guys've been busy.

All right. "We Are God Is Us."

Or, "We Are In God Is In Us."

"Eden: Enough For Your Need, Not For Your Greed"

A rich man is a pauper next to a tribesman of the dawn age, for when that tribesman looks out on creation he knows anything in it is his for the taking. "Renounce Your Property and Own the World"

It's very true that All is One. Even the psychopathic element is as much a part of creation as are we. Ultimately, angels and demons both serve God, the only difference is that angels admit it. It can be no other way ... of course, that's all very well if you're a mystic, but it doesn't get you too far in terms of negotiating the hazards presented by psychopaths and the whole penumbra of dark forces that crystallizes around them in the ether. "What You Can't See Can Hurt You"

Of course, the greatest weapon against us is the denial of our free will. That's how the Control System works, after all: by weighting our choices so that we feel we have no option but to do A, B and C having become 'impossible', 'impractical', or 'unrealistic'. Most people, most of the time, feel they really have no choice. "You Always Have a Choice." Not so catchy but a very powerful concept. If people everywhere suddenly understood that even with a gun to your head, you've still got Free Will, the whole house of cards would come tumbling down.

I'm still a little unclear as to how you plan to go about hacking the collective mind ... or should I say we? As this sort of activity seems like the kind of thing that anyone anywhere ought to be able to do, and the more people that do it the better. So what's the procedure, here?

Anonymous said...

I look at the comments here, at Nina's, and elsewhere--I don't know how many people visit each site but the comments just grow and grow--it's not in the reading, it's in the decision to participate--to get over the fear of "not sounding as smart" as someone else-to share, warts and all-contribute even a thank you, and you have gone a long way toward opening yourself up to the possibilities that await you.
There are other places we are not aware of where they are not aware of us either--yet the flow is intertwined if it is on the same wavelength--therein lies the awakening and the critical mass--
It's where it comes from--not from fear and attacking others, it comes from a communal tapestry of unknown origin--don't wonder where it comes from, accept that it is there--get naked, slide and roll around the Jello of your favorite color(s) and flavor(s)--make your own color and flavor (no patents allowed--open source code)and rejoice in the new creation--it's called being alive--enjoy the moment--it just passed yet another is here now--and now--and now--

Slip Slidin' Away---


m_astera said...

I won't be able to give these amazing comments the time they deserve for a few more hours, but so you know I also posted this at and am getting some interesting ideas there too. It's a subscription site ($5/month) so you won't be able to comment unless you cough it up but reading is free. Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Like Michael, I won't be on unless the laptop gets reception in the bathroom--the Obama Lovefest keeps making me puke--


m_astera said...

Jj, I'm going to respond at random (duck!) to a few things here.

RE Obiwan Kabama: I'm waiting for the riderless horse with the backwards boots in the stirrups to show up in the parade somewhere. And didn't both Biden and someone else, Colin Powell maybe, predict a crisis on the 21 or 22 of this month? Really better duck now.

Talking with a fellow I knew one day about spontaneous out of body experiences (oobe's) he told me that once he was living in a two story house with a couple as roommates. He was asleep in his bedroom upstairs and found himself drifting around out of body. So he decided to play around with it a little and drifted out through the door and into the hallway. He figured if he could go through the door, why not the floor, so he, I guess "willed" himself to sink through the floor and down into the kitchen. His roommates were in the kitchen cooking and talking and he could see everything perfectly and hear the conversation. What's interesting about the story is that he said the cat watched him drift down through the ceiling and seemed fully aware he was there.

And thirdly, no one can stop an idea. It's even pretty hard to stop a catchy tune going through one's head.

m_astera said...

Psychegram, Awright! You are on it!

This is a new idea, the psychic crew hacking the genetic mind. One of those ideas that popped into my head; another soft grenade. I don't know any more about it than you do, we are winging it. I'd agree that anyone is welcome to work on it anytime with anything they have. Eventually (soon) though I think it would be good to distill the hacking virus into a short coherent form and actually recruit a crew to work together on it, coordinating time and focus. Not just putting it out there, aiming it directly at the genetic mind.

The mind virus for the masses is a different item, and your suggestions are good. I especially like "we are in God is in us". That is a powerful concept. I'm trying to figure out how to keep "God" out of it while including the divine and the potential to access divine power. Though we may just have to leave the atheists to their own devices, it would be nice to bring them along. Most atheists I've ever known are simply disgusted with religion and the phony absurd gods they have been presented with. Give 'em a God they can relate to and get behind, a God whose powers they can share, and they might join the parade. Getting through the hypnotic fear and evil of fundamentalist Christianity is going to be a lot harder than getting through to the atheists, so maybe we need a "special" slogan for them, sort of like the special olympics. Set the bar a lot lower. Or just count on enough people with sane mentation to achieve the tipping point.

The tipping point, whatever that is. It would be better I think if it were reached with a focused message.

Don't know if you made it over to projectavalon or not, but one thought coming out there is that the mass consciousness virus needs to be self-empowering which ties in with the free will thing. I too figured out a while back that even with a gun to one's head one still has free will.

I have a post on abundance for all percolating; it's an old rant that I've been thinking about for many years and ties in with your Eden suggestion.

With your permission, I'd like to edit your post slightly and re-post it at project avalon, please. Let me know-

Anonymous said...

Participate in life the way you envision it and know it should be
Be excited at the simplest things showing themselves to you—they are sharing
Be amazed
Tell the experts, theologians, scholars and used car salesmen to fuck off—This is your life
Smile—just a simple smile will start you on your way –take it with you—that’s why your mouth is attached
As you smile, feel the truth and purity of your smile-you are unique and never alone
Stop trying to answer all the questions and respect the answers you have been entrusted with—understand, and live them before you seek more
Don’t push—it may push back harder
Stop bitching
Stop whining
You will never know everything
Don’t just show gratitude—know gratitude—it’s not in words
Words get in the way—
Stop beating your head against the wall that everyone else doesn’t get it
Be thankful for those that do
Simplify it all
Boil it down to the most sweet and savory aspects
All the rest is fleeting— all the rest relies on those things that are outside of you to give you the false hope of the ultimate orgasm—I’ve never had a bad orgasm…some have just been better than others--- breathe

Inner Peace
Radiant Joy
Love yourself as you are now—it is always now
There are not measurable levels or spiritual rankings other than the ones you make up or allow yourself to be influenced by

You are never going to be a finished product—So relax, there is no finish line


psychegram said...

Hey, go nuts, post away. God knows I don't have five bucks to spend on posting....

And speaking of whom ... hell, I was an atheist myself until not too long ago. Definitely more of the 'disgusted-by-organized-religion' variety, though of course I'd never have admitted it at the time. That said I've had thing for the occult since I was a kid, so there you guy ... always been a bit schizoid that way.

The point? if there is one, is that we shouldn't worry too much about turning off the atheists. A lot of them aren't really atheists anyhow, just people with a deeper sense of spirituality who've been turned off by the priests and the holy books. As for the religious fanatics who try to fit all their truth into one book, well.... Frankly, lost causes, I think.

Oh! And it's only fair that I point out the slogan isn't original to me. It came from one of the authors of the collaborative hard SF worldbuilding project, Orion's Arm.

psychegram said...

Ahhh, So Project Avalon are the same people who did (do?) Project Camelot. At least they're thematically consistent.

In all seriousness, those interviews they did were very informative. With less seriousness, if you recall Benjamin Fulford (the Chinese secret society guy): when they went to Japan to interview him, he thought (or so he said on his Japanese blog) that they were Illuminati agents (not sure why), though he agreed to do the interview anyway.

Anonymous said...

One size fits all never really fits anyone


m_astera said...

re-posted from

Wednesday, Jan 21, 2009

Delphi- (and all readers and commenters)

I don't have the answers to your questions. Perhaps we can figure it out more on this thread. It would be well to know the location of our target and more about it.

Here's what I have: I think the terms subconscious and unconscious mind originated with Freud, and the term collective unconscious with Karl Jung. There are probably earlier versions of the concept but I don't know of them except for references to the Akashic records. As I recall, I picked up the term Genetic Mind from the WingMakers site. I like Genetic Mind because it covers a lot of territory while excluding some at the same time.

I'd say unconscious mind or subconscious mind are interchangeable terms. Some part of our brain is aware of much more of what goes on around us than our conscious mind realizes. Collective mind, as I'm using it, is something we all apparently have access to in common and are influenced by without being consciously aware of it. This collective mind does appear to have noticeable hereditary components, as different peoples and races seem to have different essential archetypes, gods, and demons. We should aim to influence a deeper level than that, the core expression of our collective humanity.

What the term Genetic Mind does not include, in my view, is soul memory. Genetic Mind is the collective memory of physical existence: the chemical brain, the physical body, and the emotional body as recorded, somehow physically or perhaps in the "mind" of the DNA. The soul incarnating in the human instrument keeps its own record. When incarnating in a new physical body, the soul brings its memories, which influence the physical mind and body, and at the same time the personal DNA and the collective Genetic Mind influence how the soul experiences its incarnation.

Anyway, I'm leaving the individual's soul memory out of the target. The target is the collective Genetic Mind of physical human history. "Humanity is one" is an easier statement to make than "all souls are one".

However, I think it is likely that the individual soul has greater access to the divine powers of creation than the individual human instrument does. So we target the Genetic mind of humanity as a whole but we draw upon our soul's access to the divine powers of creation. Hope that makes sense.

Josefine has presented a couple of powerful tools: kinesiology testing and focusing on the goal not the obstacles. Any positive affirmation, slogan, or mind virus we come up with can and should be tested with kinesiology.

Focusing on the goal not the obstacles:. In connection with martial arts, if one is going to break a board with their hand, one doesn't do it by hitting the top of the board or by thinking about how hard the board is. Uh-uh. One aims for the bottom of the board, or past the obstacle. This has immense practical application: in carpentry one doesn't hit the top of the nail with the hammer, one aims the hammer blow [i]through the center[/i] of the nail and past the surface of the wood that the nail will be driven into. The hammer blow stops below the wood surface, not at the nail head. In addition, one does not aim at the head of the nail, one aims at the very dead center molecule in the head of that nail. When one uses such precisely focused aim, error is significantly reduced. The center of the hammer face may not land exactly on the dead center of the nail, but it is not going to miss the nail.

The arrow is not aimed at the target, it is aimed at the precise center of the target and the path it follows ends through the target.

So: We designate the goal and focus through to the completion. It is necessary to be aware of the obstacles, but we do not aim [i]at[/i] the obstacles, we aim [i]through[/i] them. And we do not aim in the general direction of the collective consciousness/genetic mind, we pick a target and aim dead center at that target. Full on, full power, through and past the target.

Which brings up the questions what and where exactly are our targets? Should we concern ourselves with determining which parts of the Genetic Mind are most corrupted, or pose the most danger to our collective well being? I would say no; the task is not to fix what is broken; the task is to plant a new seed, a new vision that will rise to prominence by its own strength and purity.

As to the divine feminine principle leading to reconciliation, I would point out that one ancient term for the present age of darkness is the Kali Yuga, and Kali is female, necklace of skulls and all. The opposition that desires the enslavement of humanity is not gender-specific even on this physical plane. In the twentieth century we saw a significant number of government and legislative positions filled by women; it has not changed a thing.

Carmen and Burgundia have made suggestions, and as noted they are about empowering the self and reminding each individual human that they do have access to personal power and divine power. The other important factor is vision. Ideally what we come up with will have mass appeal. It cannot be based on righting wrongs or fixing what is broken. It must have more appeal to the majority than the alternatives they have heretofore been presented with. Personal power and abundance are powerful draws.

Let's all keep making suggestions of phrases and slogans. The words can be tested individually and in combination by those skilled in kinesiology. In addition we need to apply intelligent psychology. For part A above, we are looking for an idea, expressed in words, that has great strength, expansive vision, and broad appeal. It must be self-empowering. And it needs a "hook", it needs to be catchy, infectious, self-replicating, attractive. Catch the vision, catch the dream. Take it and make it your own.

For part B, the idea to be introduced directly to the Genetic Mind by a team of focused adepts, we don't need the same sort of psychology or mass appeal; we just need an obviously true, superior and more attractive concept. A new paradigm. I think the essential oneness of humanity and all life on Earth is an important part of that.

giovonni, a personal observation: I have achieved little by loving my enemies. In my experience it is a waste of time and energy. It is throwing pearls before swine. As I've stated elsewhere, they will happily cut your head off while you are sending them love. Use that powerful love and energy creatively and constructively to create a better world for yourself and those you love. Spend all your love on your friends and family and yourself. Waste neither your love nor your anger on your enemies; they aren't worth it. Give them nothing.

And yes of course there will be some opposition forces monitoring obscure little Project Avalon as well as the other places I have and will introduce this idea. Nothing we can do about it and I refuse to operate from fear. The internet is our only method of networking and communication so that's what we use and we should be very grateful for it. I doubt anyone is going to get too worked up about a bunch of wacked-out mystics and psychics playing around with the idea of finding a magic phrase with which to infect the Genetic Mind. :) Not when they have much more vocal and visible opposition to monitor.

There are expansive new energies pouring into this 3D reality that many of us are becoming aware of. If we are in alignment with the ongoing expansion and evolution of consciousness these new energies are for us to use powerfully, creatively, and gratefully.

m_astera said...

Thanks Jj. That was very well said and packed tight.

It's the journey, not the destination. The destination is so far away you can't see it from here and it would be meaningless if you did.

That stuff about spiritual ranks being non-existent is pretty revolutionary and might get you into some trouble with the established hierarchy.

My personal rating for any learning follows that of the old trade guilds: apprentice, journeyman, master. The apprentice is not knowledgeable enough to do competent work on his own but he is learning; the journey man can work on his own and should go out in the world and practice his trade in different places to learn it better; the master has learned enough aspects of the trade well enough to teach apprentices and direct journeyman; his work can be relied on to be of the highest quality.

That said, we had best all be in all three stages at once with different aspects of our lives. No matter what we may have mastered we had better be in apprentice stage on something new.

m_astera said...

Thanks, Psychegram. I'll post your comment at project avalon later today.

And thanks for the clarification on source for your suggestion.

I've spent a little time reading atheist's arguments and even debating them a little but it never interested me much. It's always pretty shallow and only coming from ignorance or resentment. If the choice is Jehovah or none, I'll take none as well. We have been offered some piss-poor gods on this world. Laughably bad ones. And some pathetic examples of those claiming to represent these gods as well. It's just all too easy to rip it to shreds; a five year old can do it.

One thing that I've long thought significant is what supposedly happened to Jesus. A conclusion that, to me, seems obviously put out by TPTB to say let that be a lesson of the rewards one can expect to get for following that path.

Project avalon is what it is at this point. It started as a networking site for the "ground crew" in connection with the ideas in the Handbook for the New Paradigm and quickly degenerated into a big mish-mash of egos and new-age la-de-da. Since it went subscription a little over a month ago at least 4 out of 5 posters dropped out and the quality improved but the focus still hasn't gotten to the supposed original intent. It is still in the sorting process but there are some very real people posting there. For me, it comes back to the only memorable thing that Don Rumsfeld said "You go to war with the army you have" (and he probably stole that line).

At this point I think we are still trying to figure out if we have an army or not. The site could field a pretty good small team of serious insurgents anyway. I continue to be hopefully optimistic.

If you wish to participate there and don't want to shell out $5/month you can also sign up for $1 a month or even ask for an exemption. It's not meant to be exclusive or exclusionary.

I've only read a few of the the Project Camelot interviews (I don't watch much video, I like things written down usually) but they are very wide-ranging and non-judgmental. The recent interview with James from the WingMakers site is not to be missed. It blows a whole lot of ducks out of the water and ruffles the feathers of those left. I've been a fan of the WingMakers material since the late 1990s; it resonates with me more than anything else I've ever come across besides Gurdjieff. I like ideas that are deep, ideas that one can come back to again and again and find more each time.

BTW, I'm not a believer in or follower of anyone and never have been. Not my thing.

Anonymous said...

Does the Master care that others consider him/her a "Master"--
The "Master" only knows he is where he is NOW--to think more would be the ego laughing in deception.


m_astera said...

I've chased down a lot of different bunny trails in my quest for answers about spirit, and I think the worst dead-end I've seen on any of them happens to those whose desire to be seen as a master and teacher is stronger than their desire to be one. The only thing a real master masters is himself.

psychegram said...

Hey Michael,

I wasn't trying to cast doubt on the Camelot folks ... I really just thought it was a cute story. And really, who in the Movement doesn't get accused from time to time of being a disinfo plant? The one thing we all have in common - regardless of whatever theories we happen to be partial to - is an intense and abiding suspicion. Fool me once....

The interviews I've seen were all pretty fantastic. They pretty much get out of the way and let the interviewee say their piece, which is all you can ask, really.

I'm checking out the Wingmakers piece now. Comparing them to Gurdjieff is high praise indeed.

I'm not sure if I have the time/energy to put into Avalon, though; it's all I can do to try and keep up with the Cassiopaeans and staying in contact with the motley crew that's been assembling itself out of Mirrors ... two groups that, whatever their faults, at least don't go off the deep end into New Age-ism. (and isn't it ironic that New Age is an epithet, even for us? Because we really are on the cusp of one! But our language is built of lies, here in the dying days of the Kali Yuga, and so perhaps its no surprise that nothing is known by its right name.) It's unfortunate that Avalon has fallen prey to the New Age hordes. Not surprising, though. Putting up a pay barrier isn't sufficient, I think. Now, as always, the only defense against dilution of an esoteric endeavor is obscurity. Unfortunately you have to give up some of that obscurity to network ... it's a delicate, knife-edge of a balance, isn't it?

So much to respond to here ... my poor little apprentice's mind is having a rough time keeping up ;)

The question still burns in my mind: once we've settled on our viral payload, how to deliver it? T-shirts, stickers, stencil bombs? Internet campaigns? Chain letters? Maybe just walking up to a random stranger once a day and telling them? Spend time every day meditating on the message, taking advantage of our natural telepathy to broadcast it into the genetic mind? Maybe all? None? I'm just throwing ideas out here ... as I said, I'm only an apprentice in these matters, and defer to the better judgment of the masters.

Anonymous said...

Dixie Chicks are on the stereo, blue roses on the table in a clear vase--will have a full load this weekend with teenage visitors roaming the house until the wee hours--all good though--we like that they enjoy coming here--kind of a halfway house for budding delinquents--lol--
Mrs. J has been helping out a friend of ours (actually for 8 months now) who is in the process of a divorce from a psychopathic husband--if there was ever a case for a preemptive strike, this guy is it--classic case--even after the divorce, this thing will never be over--my description of him is "a whiney punk-ass little bitch" doesn't have the balls for a direct confrontation with me-- I'm waiting for the day i find a dead cat in the mailbox if that gives you any kind of an idea--told his son that his soon to be ex and Juli are lesbians--this guy is incapable of truth or emotion---gotta go clean some guns now--take care all--

m_astera said...


I'll be putting together some suggested words and phrases from here and from project avalon. Someone there made the suggestion of testing the phrases/words using kinesiology, which I think is a great idea. If the word or phrase makes one stronger, use it. If not, don't.

The plan is two-fold: A phrase for the masses, a thought-form/idea for the genetic mind. The first to be delivered however: on blogs, stickers, any media. A catchy tune would also be very good, tune and lyrics with a hook.

The new program/virus for the genetic mind is the new concept; have to do our best to recruit some stable psychics and adepts for that; I think a team effort would be most effective, though I imagine simply a thought form specifically aimed at the collective consciousness/unconsciousness would work better than sending generic "love and light". Gag.

More on this when I work up a list; might be worthwhile doing a web search for something like "power words". The psychologists likely have lists of such. Might as well be scientific about it.

On the WingMakers web site, my favorite part is the philosophy. I've been working on those few pages for ten years and still finding new stuff. The poetry is incredible too, as good as anything ever written in English, IMO, and I've been a fan of English poetry since grade school.

Keep in mind that the WingMakers website story line is a MYTH. Too many people get confused there and argue that it's not true. What?

RE: Cassiopieans/SOTT: email me please.

m_astera said...


The teenage party hangout sounds like fun. From the time my eldest daughter was 17 and her brother 16 I let them have a three-day party at my place every summer. They could invite all of their friends and their friends friends; everyone brought tents and bags and camped out. No canned music allowed: sing, talk, bring an instrument. No real rules other than that and the gate at the end of the driveway was closed and locked at sundown. We never had a single problem.

Had that party for seven or eight years, watched all the kids grow up and go to college or work, get married and bring their babies. I'm sure everyone who was ever at one of those parties remembers them as fondly as I do.

I was reading somewhere about someone visiting a remote Eskimo tribe and asking one of the men about how their tribe handled psychopaths. Of course they didn't know the word, but the person described the actions and attitude. The Eskimo man told them that guys like that soon had an accident at the edge of the sea ice.

So how blue are these roses?

Anonymous said...

The roses are a dusted white-very light blue on the outside of the petal except the edge which is midnight blue maybe an eighth to three eighths-taper--they have not really opened much but the inside looks the same, yet a little darker maybe--I'll email you a picture when they open all the way if you are interested--let me know--what a wonderful party--and that they kept coming back--very cool--

m_astera said...

Wow, real blue roses! Someone finally did it! I'm a rose fan big-time. Yes, I'd like a photo.

The parties were grand. Most of the food was cooked on a grate over the fire pit; usually had fresh potatoes and garlic in the garden then too.

Everyone sang, about a third brought instruments, mostly guitars. Wonderful guitar jams and singing all night every night. Or some would do skits, or rap, or dance routines. There was a small wilderness lake a mile walk away for swimming in the afternoons. People would start showing up on Thursday to help get ready and the last ones wouldn't leave 'til late Sunday night. And then it would take me another month or so to finish cleaning up, but that was OK too.

psychegram said...

And here I thought blue roses were impossible....

mastera, that's fantastic that you'd let your kids do that. The ground rules are great too. Most parents would lay down things like 'no drinking', 'no drugs', 'no sex' ... you? 'No not using your innate creativity'. Wonderful.

I've always wanted to do something like that at my place. I grew up (and am currently again living in) a big house out in the Canadian cottage country, beautiful landscape, large grounds, well kept. Unfortunately my dad's a cop and his first instinct when he sees a gathering of youths is to get out the tear gas, so.... This house has never been a social center. Which is a terrible waste.

Regarding the business at hand, my sister's budding psychic. I'm sure of it. I'll be passing this on to her; I'm sure she'd love to do her part.

m_astera said...

I'll be interested to hear what your sister thinks about the idea.

We had the last party there in 2006, just before I moved to Venezuela.

It never crossed my mind to try to tell teenagers no booze drugs or sex. What a waste of time that would have been. The property has a mile-long private driveway with a gate at the entry and is surrounded by wilderness and tree farm. As long as no one was going to get drunk and try to drive, about all they could do is get lost in the woods.

I still own the place but no one has lived there since I left except a friend who stayed there part-time for a few months. It's seriously overgrown and neglected, but I have a hunch that if the economy really goes to hell one or another of my children will end up there. Garden, orchard, good well, lots of firewood, off grid power, DSL internet access if the phone is turned on. Free rent too. There's even a couple years worth of food in secure storage in a back room.

Anonymous said...

No one has lived there since you moved to Venezuela---where the hell do you think I am--and yes, the phone is back on---call any time--


m_astera said...

That's good to know, Jj. Now would be a good time to prune the fruit trees and do the dormant oil spray. And send a couple of garden soil samples to Logan Labs.

If you haven't found it yet, the oblong tin cookie box is full of dark chocolate Hershey bars that probably should be eaten.

psychegram said...

I had no idea you two knew each other offline as well. Small world, eh?

m_astera said...

Psychegram, we are joking. As far as I know, Jj lives in Ohio, my place is in Washington.

psychegram said...

My face is red. I really am too credulous for my own good sometimes.